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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: 13 Amazing Chicken Recipes

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: 13 Amazing Chicken Recipes

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Step up dinnertime with these new and easy chicken recipes

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: 13 Amazing Chicken Recipes

Boneless, skinless chicken breast gets a bad reputation for being boring and flavorless. Although the skin and bone add lots of flavor, the skinless, boneless variety offers convenience, which is perfect for those crazy nights you only have a few minutes to put dinner together.

Chicken Scarpariello

Chicken scarpariello is a hearty, classic Italian-American dish of chicken and sausage cooked in a lemon-wine sauce. Serve this saucy dish over pasta or even creamy polenta.

Mediterranean Chicken Bake

This simple chicken bake requires little prep and is ready to eat in just about 45 minutes. As a bonus, chop up the leftovers and mix with quinoa or pasta for a quick summer salad.

Chicken Kiev, Healthified

A few healthy modifications, such as quinoa-oatmeal breading, turn standard, buttery (and fried) chicken Kiev into a meal you won’t feel bad about eating.

Quick and Easy Chicken Enchiladas in Homemade Cream Sauce

Make these tasty enchiladas ahead of time and just heat the dish up when you’re ready to eat.

Chicken Kebabs and Lemon Rice

Achieve lots of flavor in these chicken kebabs with a basic tandoori spice, which often includes ginger, coriander, cumin, paprika, turmeric, salt, and cayenne for a kick.

Pan-Fried Rhubarb Chicken

Although rhubarb is often mixed with berries as a delicious pie filling, it takes a turn for the savory in this gingery rhubarb sauce for pan-fried chicken.

Cilantro-Lime Grilled Chicken with Avocado Salsa

Bourbon BBQ Chicken Skewers

Jazz up store-bought BBQ sauce with a bit of bourbon for these simple skewers that are the perfect party appetizer.

Garlic Chicken with Mozzarella & Mint Pesto

Fresh herbs are abundant throughout the summer. Turn almost any fresh herb (basil, mint, tarragon) into a pesto and make this delicious cheesy chicken dinner.

Sherry Mushroom Chicken

This 30-minute meal comes together quickly with halved chicken breasts, which cook much faster than thick, whole breasts, in an easy sherry mushroom sauce.

Mediterranean Chicken

Spice up standard grilled chicken with briny artichoke hearts and olives in this Mediterranean chicken.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Make easy no-rise pizza dough at home or use store-bought dough to achieve all of the flavors of buffalo chicken wings in a pizza pie.

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