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Supper Club Menus: Land-Locked Seafood Lovers

Supper Club Menus: Land-Locked Seafood Lovers

They may live far from the shore, but that doesn't stop this Indianapolis-based group from feasting on the sea's best bounty.

Cosmic Crab Salad with Corn Chips

The Stir Crazy Supper Club may be based in Indianapolis, but living far from the coast hardly dampens their love for good seafood. Here's their menu of coastal-inspired recipes that can be made anywhere, starting with this all-time favorite crab dip.

"An instant hit! No one believes this is a "light" recipe, but it is," says Nancy. "Serve with crackers, chips, or crudites, and expect to take home a sparkling clean bowl."

"I always make a double batch of this, it is very simple yet delicious," says Michelle. "At a birthday party a few years ago, I found a friend eating the remains of the dip with a spoon, straight from the bowl. It's that good!"

Ceviche de Camaron

While traditional ceviche recipes involve raw seafood "cooked" by the acid of limes, this 5-star Mexican shrimp cocktail app features cooked shrimp accented by a sauce that's a cross between salsa and cocktail sauce.

"This one is so yummy that we fought over the leftovers!" says Cathy F.

Grilled Shrimp Pizza

Salty queso fresco, salsa verde, shrimp, and cilantro create a refreshingly different flavor profile that'll be the star of any fiesta.

"Seafood AND pizza--how could this not be a big hit!?" says Cathy F. "It is worth the time and effort for this fabulous recipe!"

Caesar Salad

Anchovy paste is the secret to the briny kick of flavor that sets great Caesar salad dressing apart from the rest.

"This low-fat version is an excellent substitute for the real thing," says Nancy. "Not a drop of mayo (and it’s not missed at all!)"

Seafood Paella

This world-famous Spanish seafood dish is easier than it looks. Shrimp, fish, mussels, and squid cook in a saucy broth of clam juice, white wine, chopped veggies, and fragrant spices.

This makes a lovely presentation without a lot of work, and is healthful to boot!" says Christie "Must use the saffron and smoked paprika for the full effect."

Bourbon-Glazed Salmon

Simple prep and impressive results make this recipe perfect for a quick weeknight meal or for a special gathering with good friends.

“This is so easy with very few ingredients, but looks so 'fancy' on the plate," says Cathy F. Adds Nancy, "Whenever I serve it, everyone asks for the recipe."

Squash-Rice Casserole

Cheesy and indulgent, this casserole plays well at just about any potluck.

"This is one of my favorites," says Cathy C. "No one ever guesses that it is healthier for them than many other casseroles."

Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie

This oldie-but-goody, published in November 1998, received several votes from the Stir-Crazy group as well as more than 50 reviewers who gave it five stars. The recipe calls for "stick margarine or butter," but today we'd recommend butter.

“I make this one all the time!" raves Cathy F. "It is easy and combines two of my favorite foods…chocolate and bananas."

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