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Best Tech Gifts 2016

Best Tech Gifts 2016

This year’s top tech gifts also happen to be really great gifts for cooks and healthy foodies, so let technology make time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. These gifts will ensure perfect cooking times, couldn't-be-easier methods, and a happier dinner table. Elevate your kitchen with sous vide cookers, a shopping list that lives on your fridge via a magnet and a 3-in-1 multicooker. All these gifts will be giving the recipient more time with friends and family around the dinner table.

Anova Sous Vide Bluetooth Precision Cooker

Add this device to your kitchen appliances for perfectly-cooked food every time. It's very easy to use and can wirelessly attach to your smart device via Bluetooth to help with the cooking process. The steps are easy—attach the sous vide cooker to any pot, put your food in a resealable bag, and set the time and temperature. You'll be amazed by how perfectly your food will cook every time. Even meat will get be perfectly cooked with this cooking process. Also, the price is hard to beat for a sous vide cooker.


Crock-Pot Choose-A-Crock Programmable Slow Cooker

One of the downsides of slow cookers is how big and unwieldy they can be if you're cooking for a small household. Now, thanks to Crock-Pot's Choose-A-Crock Programmable Slow Cooker, you can pick the size slow cooker that works for you. Each machine comes with three interchangeable stoneware crocks: a split 2.5-quart, a 4-quart, and a 6-quart. A universal lid fits all the inserts. A digital programmable countdown lets you cook from 30 minutes to 20 hours, and when it's finished, it automatically shifts to a keep-warm mode so food never gets cold. This is truly a one-size-feeds-all machine for people who love their slow cookers.


Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

If you're serious about loose-leaf tea and want to brew black, green, white, and oolong to perfection, Breville's got you covered. Their new tea maker lets you program water temps and steep times, with a moving tea basket for peak infusion.


Black + Decker Rapid Boil Electric

When you need your glass of tea and you need it now, you need Black + Decker's new Rapid Boil Electric Kettle. The easy-to-use mechanical dial helps you get pinpoint perfection for your hot water and have it ready to pour in just minutes. The keep warm setting lets you pour cup after cup without sacrificing proper tea-infusing temps. The 4-quart kettle makes 4 or more servings, and the 7-quart kettle heats enough water for 8 or more servings. All that heat it's capable of, and the cool-touch handles won't leave you feeling burned.


Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender

This immersion hand blender will replace all blenders currently in your kitchen. With two different mixing speeds, you can make everything from healthy breakfast smoothies to pureed soups. The sleek design of the stick is easy to use in pots and bowls while the grip makes it comfortable to control while blending. Reduce mess when you don't have to move ingredients betweens pots and pans and an upright blender. This is a super practical yet exciting gift for the chef in your family.


Cuisinart 6-Quart Multi-Cooker

The newest multicooker from Cuisniart can do it all. It's 3-in-1 feature includes a temperature-variable slow cooker setting, brown and sauté options, and the ability to steam ingredients for up to 90 minutes. You can easily program it to change settings if the recipe calls for it, letting the multicooker do the work for you. The nonstick aluminum cooking pot is removable and dishwasher safe.


KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer

Photo Courtesy of KitchenAid

If ever a small appliance had a cult following, it’s the KitchenAid stand mixer. Bakers, cooks, and the kitchen DIYers among us fawn over the Michigan-based company’s colorful iconic stand mixers. This year, they added a new addition to their fleet: the Artisan Mini Stand Mixer. It is 20% smaller and 25% lighter than the brand’s Classic Stand Mixer, which makes it ideal for individuals with limited counter space or those who aren’t churning out large batches of baked goods. The Mini mixer’s bowl capacity is just 3.5 quarts, and the mixer is available in 10 colors.


Classic Thermapen

Everyone needs a dependable thermometer. This Thermapen will ensure you get a perfectly rare center in your beef tenderloins every time.

$79, Strawberry Mouse

We can't help but love this sweet, adorable computer mouse. Brighten any sad desk situation with this creative, fruit-inspired gadget that will have your whole office feeling jealous. Not only does it have a two-click option as well as a scroller, but it lights up when in use. This gift is almost too fun for its own good.


Breville Smart Oven Air

Your traditional oven only wishes it was as amazing as the Breville Smart Oven Air. The brand's classic countertop oven is much loved by many home cooks as is, but their new update adds air-frying and dehydrating, two must-have tasks for healthy cooks. With this machine, you can make crispy veggie fries and dried fruits in one day. You can even roast a turkey or bake a large pizza. This small machine (1 cubic-foot interior) will soon be taking over all your cooking tasks.


Black + Decker XL Blast Drink Machine

Have someone on your list who loves to stay behind the bar and blend margaritas, daiquiris, or smoothies? Consider this Black + Decker XL Blast Drink Machine their new best friend. The 72-ounce BPA-free Tritan lightweight one-piece jar can take all the mixed drinks and shakes they can mix up. For bartending nights, a 2-ounce measuring shot glass is built into the lid, and to keep things icy cold, an insulated chill sleeve protects the beverages from outside temps so chilly drinks stay cooler longer.


Garmin Vivosmart HR

This smart activity tracker will not only change the way you work out but also change the way you live everyday life. The sleek band is versatile, comfortable, and easy to read. Not only does it track fitness activity such as distance, step count, calories, heart rate, floors climbed, and activity intensity, it also can connect to your smart phone to receive texts, calls, emails, and social media updates—all from your wrist. The tracker will send reminders throughout the day to stay active, and you can control your music while working out from it as well. This band will be the perfect gift for anyone from the serious athlete to someone who just wants to improve their daily lifestyle.


Juiceman 3-in-1-Total Juicer

The ultimate in juicing and extracting, the Juiceman 3-in-1-Total Juicer combines a blender, juice extractor, and citrus juicer in one compact machine. A 24-ounce Tritan BPA-free blender cup holds whatever liquids you need, and a 4-tip stainless steel blade presses every drop of juice from your favorite fruits. When you're juicing, catch pulp in the machine's extra-large two-liter container, and then pack everything away in one space-saving design to keep from taking up precious kitchen space.


Apple Watch Series 2

Everything you want in tech—but all on your wrist. The features of the Series 2 Apple Watch include the phone compatibility with the addition of so much more—built in GPS, water resistance, display twice as bright, heart rate sensor, comprehensive workout app, advanced activity tracker, breathe app, and customizable watch faces. If you are deciding between a fitness tracker, phone, or mindful device, here are all three in one compact, beautifully designed watch that can be uniquely personalized for the person receiving the gift.


Hiku Shopping Button

The one kitchen companion everyone will want this holiday season. The hiku shopping button lives in your kitchen as a magnet on your fridge. Whenever you need to add something to the grocery list, you can simply say it into the hiku and it will add the item to your list on your phone. You can also scan the barcode of an item to add the exact brand and variety. You'll always know what you need, making shopping easier and cooking more enjoyable. You can also connect hiku to your favorite grocery store to shop online. Simplify your life (or someone else's as a gift) with only the touch of a button.


KitchenAid 3.5 Cup Mini Food Processor

Photo Courtesy of KitchenAid

A mini food processor is a healthy cook's right-hand small appliance. This compact tool makes quick work of chopping vegetables, nuts, and other foods. It also makes pesto, nut butters, spreads, and sauces with ease. Plus, it's available in 12 colors, so you can show a little personality with your pick.


Magical Butter Machine

Originally designed for use with botanicals (read: marijuana), the Magical Butter Machine has a world of culinary uses. Through blending and heat, it quickly infuses (in an hour) foods that would normally take days or even weeks. Oils, vinegars, and liquors are just a few of the products you can add intense flavor to. It also has other cooking uses, like creating drinks, sauces, and soups. The weekend cooking hobbyist will appreciate the encouragement to play with their food in fun new ways. You may just get to enjoy their flavorful creations.


Starbucks Verismo System

Brewing coffee from pods is old hat at this point, so coffee brands are getting smarter and more meticulous with the machines they're producing. In other words, your average pod-and-hot-water brew just won't do. Starbucks brings their much-loved brewed coffee and espresso beverages into your kitchen with a new Verismo System. The Every Day Bundle includes the Verismo V Brewer, Verismo Milk Frother, and a free box of Verismo pods. The introductory price is good for everyday drinks, but the coffee is great for people who are serious about their cuppa.


Pantelligent Smart Pan

Never undercook chicken or overcook salmon or steak again with this smart pan. A temperature sensor inside the pan connects to an app on a user's phone and monitors the temperature while the food cooks. The app will alert the cook when it's time to flip, add ingredients, stir, adjust the heat, and remove food from the pan. This is the perfect gift for both experienced and beginner cooks to make cooking easie, and more enjoyable.


NuWave Air Fryer

Who doesn't love fries and onion rings? Now you can have it all, with absolutely no oil. The NuWave Brio Healthy Digital Air Fryer uses hot air for a great fried taste and crunch. It's really easy to use and dishwasher safe while slashing calories that traditional fried dishes have. You can also use it to steam vegetables, melt sauces, and make homemade potato chips in just minutes. It's a great gift during the holidays to reduce time in the kitchen because it cooks items without the need to defrost them. The Air Fryer means fewer calories, less time spent cooking, and more time with friends and family—the perfect gift.


Supermechanical Range Smart Cooking Thermometer

The smarter the thermometer, the smarter the cook. The Range thermometer connects to your iPhone or iPad as the seamless kitchen assistant to ensure flawless cooking every time with little effort. Range gets a calibrated temperature and comes with set USDA presets for cooking meat, candy, and other items. As the thermometer works, your phone will alert you to the doneness and cooking time regardless if the thermometer is in the oven, attached to an appliance, or on the the stove.

Starts at $60,

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