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This Is How to Make an Impressive Valentine's Dinner in Just 25 Minutes

This Is How to Make an Impressive Valentine's Dinner in Just 25 Minutes

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These three shortcuts will cut down the work—and give you more time for snuggling.

Skip the crowds and treat your honey to a home-cooked Valentine's dinner. What's that, you say? You have no time to cook a fancy meal on a Weekday?

No worries: Make this elegant meal in a flash with savvy finds: The olive bar is key to the steak topping, frozen squash makes a sweet side, and spiralized beets add a lovely touch.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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Time-Saving Shortcuts:
• olive bar
• frozen squash
• spiralized beets

This bountiful plate comes together in a snap thanks to savvy finds from the supermarket like frozen precooked butternut squash, olives from the olive bar, and spiralized beets (available in the produce section). If you can’t find the beets, you can add 1/3 cup precooked, sliced beets to the cooked and drained green beans. Cutting the steak in half will also speed up cooking; be sure to let it rest a few minutes before slicing.

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