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Tiramisu recipe with whipped cream

Tiramisu recipe with whipped cream

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Tiramisu recipe with whipped cream

First we prepare a strong coffee in the filter, about 3 coffees, then we let it cool.

We prepare cream: beat mascarpone cream and separate whipped cream with powdered sugar, add vanilla sugar and almond essence, cappuccino sachet, so simply. Then we will combine both carefully (without rubbing too hard), the cream is ready.

We soak the biscuits in the cooled coffee (the soaking must work very fast, we just insert the biscuit in the coffee and take it out, that's all).

Place the biscuits on a long tray (9 biscuits on one level), put a row of cream then again 9 biscuits. Then put a little more cream on top and sprinkle with cocoa powder (powdered with a fine strainer). Optionally you can also sprinkle fried almond flakes!


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